Zoom Meetings/Webinars

ZMSEND + Zoom API Integration

You can now skip the registration page on Zoom and automatically create event pages on zmsend.com

After connecting your Zoom account via the ‘Update Profile‘ page on the dashboard, ZMSEND will be able to automatically create unique event webpages in seconds for a scheduled meeting, virtual call or virtual event.

Once your Zoom account is connected to ZMSEND, you’ll have the option of  either automatically creating Zoom events or manually inputting any Zoom URLs, or any other video links from third-party providers e.g. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.

You can create free and paid events on ZMSEND. For paid events, you need to set up a new Stripe account (for individuals, or businesses) or connect an existing one to ZMSEND’s dashboard. Click here for more on paid events

All new events can be adjusted to your preferred time zone, and all event timings are reflected on the calendar dashboard under ‘Events‘ for easy access to your schedules. When your co-workers, friends, new audiences sign up via the event webpages, they are able to track the event via a countdown clock that adapts to where-ever they are located in real-time.



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