What is a paid event?

Creating new events

For more on how to create an event, please click here

Paid events require setting up a Stripe payment account, for more details please click here

If a Stripe account is not yet connected, a notification will appear and you can only create free events. Please note you can be either an individual or business to create a new Stripe account.


Paid events allow you to set up 

  • Ticket price for each guest
  • Guests can register and pay via credit card on each unique event website
  • Number of ticket sales (this is also available for free events)
  • Sales of all tickets goes direct to your own Stripe account

How to manage your guests

  • View number of guests for your event on the user dashboard, for more on managing your guest lists, please click here
  • Manage your guest list by clicking on the top right dropdown menu of each event tab



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