What does it mean to Authorize the app to connect my Zoom account?

This gives ZMSEND app the ability to automatically create an event for a scheduled Meeting or Webinar. If you don’t connect your Zoom account, you can manually copy and paste the Zoom meeting URLs after creating events via your zoom.us account.

To start, after signing in to the user dashboard,

  • Go to ‘Update Profile’ on the left side menu
  • Go to the section on Zoom Account to connect (Install Zoom)
  • Click on ‘Add Account’
  • Select ‘Authorize’ on Zoom


  • After the authorization is completed, it will send you back to ZMSEND where you can view on your user dashboard that the account is now linked
  • Please click on ‘Save’ to update your profile settings
  • You are now ready to create and manage events from your user dashboard