Registration, Sign In and Switching accounts

Register on ZMsend

To register for an account, go to

Register using email or Google using your Gmail account.

You will need to verify your email before continuing to use your account.

Notification can be seen once your email is verified, you can start to create events on the user dashboard. 

Sign in to ZMSEND

To sign into your account, go to at

Please use the same account you used to register for an account.

After signing in, connect your account with Zoom to be able to:

  • Create and connect zoom meetings automatically
  • Create and manage all your events easily on one user-friendly dashboard
  • Get a public page for all your events
  • More features are available on the dashboard

Log out of ZMSEND

Click ‘Log Out’ on the left side menu on your dashboard.

If you have more than one account on ZMSEND, you can log out and sign in with another account to switch between accounts. 

Have Questions?

To submit a support ticket, go to