How to save the date

To start, sign in to the user dashboard, if you have not registered, please click here

  • On the left side menu, go to ‘Events 
  • For each calendar event created, ZMSEND auto-generates an event webpage which can be customized with specific event information.
  • Please note: To hide events from your public host profile page, mark it as private under ‘Edit Event‘ function
  • To edit the event details which will be automatically reflected on the event webpage in real-time, click here
  • To view each event webpage, click on the event icon, then ‘copy and paste’ in a new tab or window

  • Here is what the auto-generated default event webpage looks like


  • To save the date, choose from the options on dropdown menu


  • Check there is no pop-up blocker on your browser, as event details will automatically “pop-up” in a new window (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo calendars) with all event time, date, duration, video link if it’s a virtual event, and event description to save the date.