How to manage your monthly subscription

To start, sign in to the user dashboard,

  • You can easily view your subscription on the dashboard under Current Plan
  • To upgrade your account, click on the option ‘Change’
  • Due to the regulatory requirement from Stripe payments, free subscriptions still require credit card information to be entered


There are 3 types of subscription

  1. Basic – FREE account, and always will be
  2. Essential – FREE UNLIMITED account with up to 10 invites for each event
  3. Premium – UNLIMITED account billed USD3.99 per month with up to 100 invites for each event

To upgrade to the Essential or Premium plan, click on ‘SIGN UP’ at

  • Proceed to enter credit card information to upgrade to any monthly subscription.
  • After signing up successfully, you will receive a notification on the dashboard and view the name of the plan.


You can cancel your subscription any time during the month, and the plan will cease at the end of the billing cycle according to the date you signed up for the account. There are no refunds for the remaining of the billed month.

To unsubscribe from a payment plan,

  • Click on ‘Change’ for the current plan
  • For all paid plans, once unsubscribed, the current plan automatically downgrades to the Basic plan
  • Your account remains active under the Basic plan