How to create events in different time zones?

To start, sign in to the user dashboard,

  • On the left side menu, go to ‘Events 

  • Click on button ‘+ New Event
  • To automatically create zoom schedules, you need to add your zoom account to the user dashboard, for more details please click here
  • Once zoom has been integrated, there are two options to choose from
    • Create a new zoom meeting for me 
    • Use an existing zoom meeting

  • To allow ZMSEND to automatically create a Zoom event for you – select “Create a new zoom meeting for me
  • To manually ‘copy and paste’ your zoom meeting URL – select “Use an existing zoom meeting” which will allow you to manually input zoom invite link, or from any other third-party video link from Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.

  • Once you have selected either one of the two options, now you are ready to fill in all the details of your event

  • Topic: this is the name of your event/ meeting/ webinar
  • Start Date and Time: Select from the calendar for the date and time of your event
  • Select Time Zone: Choose from a dropdown menu or type in the name of the city/ country in the search bar

  • Input the duration in minutes and/or hours 
  • Price
    • If your event is free, please input price as ‘0’
    • If your event is paid, please input price in numeric numbers only, without dollar sign
  • Public URL: Every new event will have its own custom public webpage, automatically generated; this URL cannot be changed
  • Event Time Zones are easily tracked via the auto-generated event webpage for each calendar date – Users will be able to view a countdown clock in real-time automatically adjusted to their location, and save the date to their calendars e.g. iCal, Yahoo, Gmail Calendar, Outlook

Countdown clocks automatically shows real-time for users anywhere in the world

Save the date to your desktop or mobile calendars

  • Describe event: add a unique description for your event
  • Number of tickets: Set the number of tickets for your event, leave blank for unlimited guests
  • Background cover: Set a background cover for your event webpage
    • Recommended size dimensions: 1350 x 750 pixels
  • Check the box to get notified when guests register for your event

Save button (bottom right) – Don’t forget to save the event and it is now integrated with all Zoom meeting details, which you can view on the user dashboard and on your public profile page. For more details on editing your host profile click here


The default for all events is for guests to attend without any pre-registration, so you can share your custom public webpage with anyone and/or they can click through to the zoom meeting link. 

For more security on your events, there are two options to choose from

  1. Require Registration
    • If selected, guests must register to receive meeting details. No approvals necessary.
    • Click on the red cross symbol to delete any question 

  1. Require Registration Approval
    • If selected, guests must register and get approval to receive meeting details
    • Click on the red cross symbol to delete any speaker

Private Event

You can mark an event as private if you do not want it to appear on your public profile page. This can be undone at any time. 


You can add frequently asked questions to your event in this section.

  • Click on ‘Add’ button to create a new question each time

Speaker Bios

Add more details of your speakers in this section. 

  • Click on ‘Add’ button to add a new speaker each time

If you edit any section of your event, please don’t forget to click ‘Save’ at any time or at the end.